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Achieving & Setting The Right Monthly Goals For You


Happy Monday to you!

Well … it’s the start of a new month again … which means its monthly goal setting time.

So, now’s the time to focus on your dreams.  What are you going to do in this fresh new month to take a step closer to being everything you want to be?  Remember, there are no such things as dreams … just a not yet realised reality. Just keep taking action and moving forward … and you will be amazed at what you achieve.

This weeks learning opportunity:  You Will Attract What You Are! by Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed.,

If you want to build a business with leaders, be a great leader. If you want to experience a loving relationship, be a loving person. If you want to have joy in your life, be a joyful person.

The reverse is also true. If you are complaining that you have negative friends, unsupportive spouse, and bad luck. You need to take a good look at you.

You really will attract what you already are. Begin working on your best self, today! And if you’ve been working on your personal development, continue! Every business success is preceded by a personal success – a personal growth.

Are you proud of the leader you are? Are you impressed by your bravery, loyalty, and love? If you aren’t, then how can others be? And how can you attract what you have not identified within yourself? Think of the saying we used to say when we were kids, “It takes one to know one!” We didn’t realize then how profound that statement was. Yes, it does take a leader to recognize a leader. It does take a loyal lover to recognize another. Instead of working on them, begin working on you! Become what you want to attract.

You Will Attract What You Are!

What are you going to do in April  to keep moving forward in 2010.  Here’s my plan for April.

  1. Health action:  Commit to Fenix training schedule.
  2. Health action:  Run a minimum of 6 km’s 4 days per week.
  3. Personal development action:  Continue reading 1 personal development book per month.  This month:  Health Betrayal:  Staying Away From The Sickness Industry by Eve Hillary
  4. Business actions:  Launch You Can 8 Strategies To Success Training Program
  5. Business actions:  Write 4 You Can articles per week for publication on article websites.
  6. Business actions:  Apply You Can Marketing and Promotion Plan every day!
  7. Wealth action:  Monitor settlement of investment property.

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